About Us

Physical Crypto Coins was created because of the lack of quality, collectable coins for crypto projects. It initially started as a one-time only event to create a coin for Piratechain.

The PirateChain coin received lavish praise not only from the community but also from the members of the Komodo ecosystem. Thus, with a helpful nudge from Fishyguts of Piratechain, a brilliant idea was born: create physical coins for independent crypto projects.

Physical Crypto Coins employs a simple model of identifying projects with fervent community support and strong interest in a commemorative physical coin. We then design the coin with input from community members. Next, we take pre-orders to commission the coin, and in so doing, we avoid expending project development funds.

Our initial products were so well received that the lead developer of Komodo, JL777, requested a coin for Komodo, as well as a followup coin for after the completion of its rebranding. From that point, multiple developers have expressed interest in creating coins for their project.

Discord: Draeth#3300
Twitter: @theinfamouskata