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The Verus physical coin is now officially in stock and ready to order! Also, Veruspay has been updated, which means you can now pay with Komodo using Veruspay!


We were featured in another one of Voskcoin’s Videos! Click here to check it out!


The 99.9% Pure Silver Piratechain physical coin is currently in development! More news to follow!


Physical Crypto Coins was featured in Voskcoin’s latest video! Click here to check it out!


The design for the Verus physical coin has been completed! Pre-orders are now being taken and will be shipped as soon as the manufacturing prices is complete! A huge shut out to the Verus community for being super involved in the process.


All pre-orders for the Komodo Coin have shipped today! Any order placed from this point forward will be shipped within 24-48 hours of the completed payment. Reminder: International orders may take 2-4 weeks for delivery.


We will be creating the official coin for Verus! We have a design worked out already, once we have the digital proof in our hands, we will go through a second round of checks and potentially tweaks from the input of the Verus community and send them to the manufacturer to be made once everything is good to go!


The KMD coin has shipped from the manufacturer to us! We will be receiving it on Monday, April 1st (this is not an April Fools joke) and will be shipping them out to all who pre-ordered them by Wednesday, April 3rd!


All of the payment processing issues have been resolved! Veruspay is up and running, with ARRR and VRSC payment options included! Also, our other payment gateway includes KMD, BTC and LTC!


The KMD coin has been finalized and sent to the manufacturer to be created! Pre-orders have officially begun! 


We are extremely grateful and honored to be creating the OFFICIAL physical coin for Komodo! Speaking with the lead developer, JL777, he was happy to have us create a physical coin for them, along with more designs in the future once they finalize their re-brand!


The Piratechain coin has been delivered to us from the manufacturer! All pre-orders will be shipped within the next couple days!